High Voltage PTC heater
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High  Voltage PTC heater

New types of radiation (cooling) fins for
PTC heater are developed in our workshop. This type of finned resistor PTC air
heater does not use glue which is used in PTC heater with aluminium waves.
Compared to PTC heater with aluminium waves, it has better performance:

1. No smell

2. longer life(without problem of ageing of glue)

3. Wider ambient temperature

4. Less power decay


 Models  Dimension ( mm)          Picture
 MZFR-J3  26 x 60 x L,26 x 90 x L  

26 x 40 x L, 26 x 60 x L

26 x 48 x L, 30 x 45 x L

30 x 48 x L, 30 x 55 x L


26 x 12 x L, 26 x 17 x L

26 x 30 x L, 26 x 38 x L

28 x 36 x L, 30 x 12 x L

28 x 38 x L, 28 x 46 x L


Voltage: AC/DC 400-600V, 240V,120V,80V,48V, 24V, 12V,

Remarks: Fin pitch is 2.1mm

MZFR-J1 refers to one tube

MZFR-J2 refers to two tubes

MZFR-J3 refers to three tubes

With composition of different types of fins, different fin pitches are available .

For ordering, please indicate voltage,power,length,velocity.

The higher velocity, the higher heatup and power” is specialty of PTC air heater.

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