PTC heater with shell
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PTC heater with shell

PTC heater with aluminium shell is characterized in constant temperature, automatic control of temperature, wide range of voltages, fast warming-up, inflammable, safety and reliability.

1. Standard lead length: 100mm (UL 1332-20)

2. The thickness of insulating film: 0.05mm

3. The thickness of aluminum profile: 0.45mm

4. Inrush current: <3A

5. Protection class: II

6. The surface temperature of PTC heater can be adjusted from 50-280Celsius upon request of customer.

7. Voltage range:12V/24V/48V/110V220V

8. Differenet shape of aluminium profiles are available.



This product is used for mosquito dispeller, hair strengtheners, hair curlers, hot glue gun, wax heater,wax warmer, humidifier, water boiler, liquid warmer, coffee warmer,milk warmer, polymer press-coating heater etc.

Normal types:   (Width 8 Thickness

15*6.5  20*55   24*6.8  30*6.8  35*7.8  40*4.8  56*7.3  62*7.3


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